Air Conditioning Repair

Is your air conditioner not in the perfect condition? Is your air conditioner not working as it should?
Is the efficiency less than 99%? Or is the air conditioner not working at all? If the answer to the above questions is YES, Pacific Coast Air has got you covered with trained, licensed and experienced technicians that handle your HVAC repair and services.

We offer our service to homeowner in San Diego County. Schedule service for your HVAC needs by reaching us on

+1 619-249-5373

Why pacific coast air for your ac repair and services


Saves cost

  • We offer the best services that help you save money on your cooling and heating systems
  • Our understanding on the breakdown of why your HVAC is not working perfectly and the cost of fixing makes us go straight to solving your cooling system problem.


  • We offer maintenance to customers that want their air conditioner to last long with minimal or no issues.
  • We ensure the air conditioner is clean, efficient and running safely

No extra charge for evenings, weekends & holidays.

There are days when you need our service the most. That is why we also provide reliable services on holidays, weekends and evenings at no extra charge to you, to put a smile on your face. In no time, we get your home back to the comfortable temperature.

What makes pacific coast air stand out

Longer life
Energy efficient cooling & heating after repair and services
Fewer repairs of the Air conditioning & Heating systems
Improved indoor air quality and comfort
Lower bills

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